4 Options For Infertility Treatments

Posted on: 28 July 2016


Many couples struggle to conceive. It is not unusual for a couple to need medical assistance to have a child. Science has evolved so much that there are many options to make it easier for couples to have their baby. Here are some things that you need to know about getting infertility treatments.

1. Medication To Help Ovulation

Some women have a hard time with ovulating. They might not ovulate every month, ovulate irregularly, or have only one healthy ovary. If the woman is not ovulating correctly, it can make it very hard to get pregnant. One of the easiest ways to correct this problem is to take a medication that helps to regulate ovulation. It will encourage the ovaries to expel an egg each time, and in some cases could even encourage them to expel more than one egg, so there is always a possibility of multiples.

2. In Vitro Fertilization

With in vitro fertilization they take a sample from both the man and the woman and actually fertilize the egg outside of the woman's body. They let the egg and sperm fertilize and grow in optimal settings, and then place the most viable option in the woman's womb after a couple weeks of fertilization. With this option you can have multiple samples given, so they might freeze some of the fertilized eggs so they can be used for future use. In addition, you can have multiple specimens implanted to increase your chances of at least one taking. However, it is also likely that you will get twins, or even have an egg split and get multiple babies.

3. Donors

In some cases a woman can carry a healthy baby, but is unable to produce a healthy egg on her own, or the man is unable to give healthy sperm. In this case you can get a donor. If this is your problem, you can opt for a donor egg or sperm to be fertilized, and then implanted into the woman's body. This allows the woman to carry the baby, even though some of the genetic material may be from a donor.

4. Gestational Carrier

In other cases some woman are unable to carry the baby, but the man and woman can provide healthy specimens. In this case you can hire a gestational carrier to carry the baby and both the mother and the father give the egg and sperm, so the baby is completely their own, but they just have a surrogate carry the baby.

By understanding your options for having a baby, you can decide what is right for you.